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Were we ready for Danny Pintauro?

His HIV activism doesn’t appear like mine, but it doesn’t mean it is not helpful, right?

Danny Pintauro is loving his media tour frenzy right now, I’m sure. And that’s okay! Honestly. It is. But I do look forward to what he will be doing in a few months when the interviews will slow down. I’m excited for he and his partner on this journey, regardless of some of the imperfections during interviews. I’ve certainly made my share of mistakes as well. But it is also possible his openness about his addictions and his style of sharing his story is really helping others living with HIV.

WATCH: Were we ready for Danny? 

Watch: Were we ready for Danny Pintauro?



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  1. red baron

    No, I think that in most cases, when someone wants to come out there and shine positive light on hiv, it’s not that simple. There is apparently a fine line between helpful and harmful. I don’t think that Danny got off to a good start, I realize that everyone is really not so happy about that. Still I look at the fact that as long as people don’t know difference between hiv and aids, that’s a problem, that was really highlighted in his interview with Raven and Candace. Maybe when it comes to doing interviews that there is a written unwritten rule that if they if someone is unable to understand where hiv us at now, or their questions are borderline stigmatic, you don’t speak to those individuals.
    Danny is his own unique individual, the only thing I worry about, is when issues like this arise, how do we respond and react, can the hiv community still open out their arms and welcome him at the end of the day, of is too late and he ends up being ostracized?

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