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This is my Vitamin Swag

What is my Vitamin Regimen?

Simple, yet effective for me. Here’s my daily vitamin regimen since I am living with HIV.

Josh's Daily Vitamins
Above are the daily vitamins that Josh Robbins | imstilljosh takes during his journey living with HIV


I'm Still Josh

  • D3-5000
  • Fish Oil
  • Centrum Daily Vitamin
  • Fiber Well Gummies
  • B-Complex[/pluslist]


[box_warning]I am not a doc! So before you take my word on any of this, please consult with a physician because my lawyers told me to tell ya. Okr! I am a blogger, not physician. xo- josh[/box_warning]

I’m Still Josh! You still be you!!!

For more information on vitamins and alternative HIV treatments, visit: HIV AIDS Alternative Treatments

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  1. Tom Cummins

    Hi Josh, I take the following: D3 2000 iu, B6 100 mg, Fish Oil 3600 mg, Zinc 50 mg, E 400 iu daily, and inject B12 1ml per week.

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