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  • Screen Shot of HIV PSA

    Pinocchio Has HIV? What’s up with his face? (NSFW)

    A French HIV Awareness ad, and also released via youtube, features a grown-up Pinocchio (known as “Woody”) and features a one-night stand that ends with a bit of statistics. [box style=”red, warning, shadow” ]WARNING: This has no nudity, but it might not be appropriate for work– thus the NSFW warning. [/box] Watch it here: Does this […] More

  • HIV Prevention Method PrEP image
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    Nashville HIV PrEP Meeting

    Are you PrEPared, Nashville? Get answers Monday, November 18 at OutCentral in Nashville, TN. [box style=”red, info, rounded” ]This article first appeared on Out & About Nashville‘s website and is used by permission as an on-going relationship between O&AN and ISJ.[/box] By: O&AN Staff Reports (used with permission) A group of community health advocates have […] More

  • DIGITAL Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV
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    Digital Encouragement Wall Returns

    The Resource for Encouragement for Those Living with HIV returns with a stronger ability to give encouragement and grace!’s Digital Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV has returned to after coming down from the HIV BLOG a few weeks ago as the plug-in that powers the section that is providing encouragement to […] More

  • Mark Hubbard
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    Community Activist Speaks About Changing Approaches to HIV/AIDS

    ‘HIV Horizons: A Community-Focused Research Update’ May 22 at OutCentral Having lived with HIV for 26 years, Mark Hubbard has dedicated himself to working with numerous Tennessee, U.S., and international organizations as a community educator and advocate. First Posted on O&AN April 29, 2013 –  O&AN Staff Reports Having lived with HIV for 26 years, […] More

  • HIV Stories from HIV Positive Activist and Blogger Josh Robbins
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    REAL talk with The Body HIV site

    The most personal interview I have ever given about HIV, disclosure, telling my family, childhood trauma and sex– exclusively on I had forgotten that I did this phone interview in June 2012 with Warren Tong from, but their Executive Editor- Olivia Ford, emailed me the other day to notify me that she was […] More

  • HIV Series includes my story
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    Healthline Shows Me Love

    [ A really awesome health-related website includes my story in their series on HIV. ]     Listen, I am NOT mad at this, y’all! I ain’t mad at all. – a really rad and super in-depth website about all-things related to health and being a ‘boss’ for healthy living – just released a […] More