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  • Weed for HIV Positive People
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    Does Pot Slow the Spread of HIV

    Apparently it does in monkeys. But why won’t the government let scientists find out how weed can help people? Some members of Congress want action. People with HIV have talked about the merits of smoking weed for years. But now there’s some evidence to suggest cannibinoids may actually slow the progression of simian immunodeficiency virus […] More

  • Importance of Keeping Positive

    Get Your Mind Right, HIV+ Peeps

    Mind Over Circumstance: Why “staying positive” is a duh! and something you must do, even if that phrase makes us cringe, mentally–in order to beat how HIV stigma makes us negative. In an extensive (and embarrassingly long) article over at The Body, I was asked how do I keep positive about being HIV-positive.  Here is […] More

  • Nashville CARES Honors

    Nashville CARES Honors Locals

    Nashville CARES names honorees for 2013 Awards to be presented at re-vamped fundraiser. Nashville, TN – At its November meeting, the Nashville CARES Board of Directors selected the 2013 recipients for the J Thomas Powell and Corporate Partner Awards.  The award ceremony will take place at CARES’ Avant Garde Masquerade Ball on Saturday, February 8, […] More

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    Life Continues, but I’m Choosing to LIVE

    HIV Blogger, Josh Robbins offers insight into someone’s choice of either being a participant in life or choosing to really live— even though living with HIV may be difficult because of the current state of HIV stigma. Over the past nearly two years since living with HIV, I’ve experienced tons of different things… tons of […] More

  • Listen to Bob says
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    You Should Listen to Bob: New to HIV? 5 Things You May Be Asking Yourself.

    Those that are newly diagnosed with HIV are at times overwhelmed by a plethora of emotions and questions.  It’s important to gain advice and counsel from the wisdom of long-term survivors. [“You Should Listen to Bob” is a simple, straight-talking set of articles from such a long-term survivor.  Bob Leahy, editor of, Canada’s online […] More

  • HIV Positive Organ Transplants

    Senate Approves HIV Positive Organ Donations

    On Tuesday, the House of Representatives gave last approbation to the HIV Organ Policy Equity (Hope) Act, a charge that will close a 25-year boycott on utilizing HIV-positive people’s organs for any reason, including medical research.   In the event that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) infers that transplanting organs between HIV-positive […] More

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    ‘Knowing’ HIV Video (NSFW); and why this videos is ‘smart’

    Super hot video about HIV shares an important message about “knowing your HIV status, telling and asking, and choosing love.” Disclosure, Testing, Sex and Hotness are all covered in this video. (NSFW) I just wonder how it got past YouTube’s censors?  Watch this top HIV video now… (It’s longer than the one minute max I typically give […] More

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