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  • Nose Bleed HIV Positive Scare

    I’m HIV-postive and I just got a NOsebleed. OH SH*T!

    Since Jan. 24, 2012, I have had the opportunity to learn some amazing things about my body, how HIV infection grows and is treated and how others that are more “positive experienced” than myself have lived with this immune disorder for many, many years. It’s been very humbling, to say the least. But what happened […] More

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    I’m Still Josh … HIV+ and all.

    Hi! I’m Josh and I love life. This blog will be ALL about why & how I am Still ME (even though I am HIV +). Fears. Judgements. Punishment? Circumstance. Gay. FACT. Looking forward to creating this blog for me… for you. I’m still Josh. You still be YOU. peace for now. Josh   More