As the debate and discussion of PrEP continues about how this HIV preventative tool will benefit LGBT health and we learn more information about how successful this option can be at preventing new HIV infections, it's important for us to reflect on the different influencers within the community.  The following quotes are from those within the LGBT community continuing the important dialogue on PrEP.

“So is PrEP actually helping reduce the spread of HIV, or is it just opening the doors for others to engage in risky behavior? Again, this potentially works for committed couples, sex workers or drug addicts who remember to take the pill daily, but for gay men who just like bareback sex, Truvada is just an excuse to do what they want to do.”

David Duran, freelance journalistin a blog on Huffington Post: Gay

“We’ve had several decades of the recommendation to use condoms. Now we’re saying, ‘Here’s a pill that might protect you if you don’t use condoms.’ So it’s flying in the face of community norms.”

Dr. Kenneth Mayer, Harvard; Fenway Healthin an interview with NYT

“Instead of denigrating people on PrEP as willful, filthy whores, what if we respected them as people who were willing to venture into uncharted territory for their own health and the good of the world?”

39 year-old San Francisco man writing about PrEPon myprepexperience blog

“With my inner circle so affected in the last year, it was a no-brainer to consider this for my life right now.”

Michael Rubio, 28, San Franciscoin an interview with NYT

“If we had an effective preventative vaccine we wouldn’t be here discussing PrEP for HIV.  PrEP was pursued out of the desperate need for complimentary and alternate HIV prevention methods. Using Truvada for PrEP effectively involves more than just taking a pill every day. The decision to start PrEP should be a careful, informed one.  In terms of long-term potential side effects, however, the apt comparison for those who are truly at risk may not be Truvada vs. no Truvada, but Truvada vs. HIV infection.”

Mark Hubbard, TN Assoc. of People With AIDS(Nashville); HIV Activist & Educator

“We deserve to be educated on all the tools available to assist us in maintaining optimal health.”

Vic Sorrell, Advocate for HIV Prevention Vaccine Research

“Make no mistake: PrEP is a profit-driven sex toy for rich Westerners, disguised as a harm-reduction and prevention tool for disenfranchised people at risk for HIV.”

Regan Hoffman, former editor in chiefof POZ Magazine

“While PrEP may reduce your risk of contracting HIV it does not eliminate your risk. When PrEP is combined with other behavioral interventions your risk of contracting HIV can be further reduced. There are pros and cons to taking this life long medication. Be sure to talk to your health care professional to see if PrEP is right for you.”

Kevin Maloney, founder of RiseUpToHIV andNo Shame About Being HIV+

“There has been a lot of trying to demonize me, which is fine, I’m a big boy.”


Michael Weinstein, President, AHFin an interview with David Heitz

“With this recommendation, we’re nearing a watershed moment in our fight against HIV. We know this isn’t a magic bullet, and it’s not going to be the right prevention strategy for everyone, but it could save thousands of lives in the United States and potentially millions around the world.”

James Loduca, San Francisco AIDS Foundationin an interview with AP after FDA approval of PrEP

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