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HIV Stories from HIV Positive Activist and Blogger Josh Robbins
Josh Robbins, HIV Positive Blogger & Activist from, is featured on discussing life since learning his living with HIV in the South.

The most personal interview I have ever given about HIV, disclosure, telling my family, childhood trauma and sex– exclusively on

I had forgotten that I did this phone interview in June 2012 with Warren Tong from, but their Executive Editor- Olivia Ford, emailed me the other day to notify me that she was going live with the interview.  Very cool!

Listen, y’all… this article is LONG as H*LL… because, I wouldn’t shut up… BUT it is one of my favorites because of how personal I was given the opportunity to be.  I mean, y’all can read about EVERYTHING in my lil closet.

Check it out, but beware– I spill dirt about myself in this piece and there was no question off limits… thus the article on being 5-pages long. 

-Thanks, THEBODY.COM for being a BOSS of a website giving AMAZING info about HIV and living positively. Click HERE to read the article.

HIV Stories from HIV Positive Activist and Blogger Josh Robbins

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