#HIVscoop: San Francisco AIDS Foundation Supports #UequalsU


SFAF joined on in supporting the Prevention Access Campaign message of Undetectable equals Untranmittable.

U know that’s right! San Francisco AIDS Foundation recently updated their website about HIV transmissions and are admitting and proclaiming that those of us living with HIV and with an undetectable viral load for six months, don’t have to worry about transmitting the virus to anyone.

I mean it still blows my mind to be honest, every time that I think about that.

Screenshot from SFAF Website

So, add another checkmark to the PAC team’s list of big national organizations joining a few others in celebrating the fact that researchers have never been able to prove that we are contagious.

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Here’s a statement from Bruce Richman, executive director of Prevention Access Campaign:

“We’re happy that San Francisco AIDS Foundation has emerged as a leader on the West Coast to communicate game changing message for people with HIV and for ending the epidemic, and we’re grateful for their support of #UequalsU. More and more people with HIV in the United States are beginning to learn about the dual benefits of viral suppression not only to keep them healthy but also to keep their partners HIV-free.”

Kudos to SFAF nd PAC!!!

Unsure what undetectable even means? Visit this page.  And don’t forget a what one of the big wig’s at NIH said, either.


In other news:  Where you at Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation? She would have been one of the first and loudest being honest about our level of actual risk. 

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