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HIV Positive Russian Living in U.S. Detained By ICE Is Released

Denis Davydov returns to San Jose after being detained by ICE after vacation; and after activists and legal groups put up a fight.

According to a report on ABC7 News:

“Denis Davydov was greeted by friends as his plane landed. Davydov took a vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands but was arrested by customs and border protection when he tried to return.

He left Russia in 2014 and came to the US on a tourist visa. He then applied for political asylum, afraid to be gay and HIV-positive in Russia.”

Denis Davydov

According to reports, he was detained in Miami for more than a month at an ICE facility. During his time in custody, he was given his medication but was not given access to an infectious disease doctor.

When asked by the reporter how his health was, he says it is okay.

HIV detained by ICE

“I just want to be around my friends,” Davydov said. “My family — I’m so thankful to my friends — I’m going to cry.”

No additional details are being provided by his legal team, nor ICE, as this may still be an on-going investigation.


Screen Grabs Credit: ABC7 News.

correction: A previous version incorrectly said he was from San Francisco, instead of San Jose. Apologies for the error.

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  1. Richard Bragado

    Why was he detained? What is ICE and what is their authority?

    • Damon Salinas

      Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency of the US. They have a lot of authority. Even more now with our current president putting pressure on them to detain people from certain countries. It’s supposed to be for people of high risk but lately it has turned into profiling certain ethnic and religious groups which is not american at all. It’s something a lot of people are fighting to change. This story is proof… this gentleman has never any bad intentions toward US and in fact took all the right steps in becoming a citizen and he had to go through this. Not fair at all. Glad he is home.

      (in reply to Richard Bragado)

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