Help Josh Build an APP

I’m insane!! I want to raise 3K in 10 days for the killer mobile app idea I have– and the entire app is disguised as a fully-functional camera app.

THIS app is more than an HIV app… It’s everything that an HIV app should be, minus the HIV part glaring across the screen and icon. It’s a cool, laid back HIV app.

Learn ALL about it:

I know
I know…
Impossible, right!?

If you’ll give $20 ( and share this info 4 others that’ll give $20, too)… That equals $100 down & only $2900 to go…

We can do this!

Here’s a screenshot:

//Setup Aviary var featherEditor = new Aviary.Feather({ //Get an api key for Aviary at apiKey: 'AVIARY_API_KEY', apiVersion: 2, onSave: function(imageID, newURL) { //Export the photo to the cloud using the Ink file picker! filepicker.export(newURL, {extension:'.png'}); }, appendTo: 'web_demo_pane' });

//Giving a placeholder image while Aviary loads var preview = document.getElementById('web_demo_preview');

//When the user clicks the button, import a file using the Ink file picker var editPane = document.getElementById('start_web_demo'); editPane.onclick = function(){ filepicker.pick({mimetype: 'image/*'}, function(InkBlob) { //Showing the preview preview.src = InkBlob.url;

//Launching the Aviary Editor featherEditor.launch({ image: preview, url: InkBlob.url }); }); };