Healthline Shows Me Love

[ A really awesome health-related website includes my story in their series on HIV. ]



Listen, I am NOT mad at this, y’all! I ain’t mad at all. – a really rad and super in-depth website about all-things related to health and being a ‘boss’ for healthy living – just released a huge compilation of HIV related articles and posts. One of the articles about HIV includes a shout out to yours truly. (All joking aside– they were so nice and it’s an honor that they chose to include me in their bit.)

Check it out, heck– we can read it together, as I’ll probably be re-reading it again. HA!

I’m still Josh. You still be YOU!!!

xoxo [ + ] josh




(p.s. By posting the above image and artistically-designed screen capture of the website, I am in no way claiming any copyright or intending to infringe on their trademark(s).  Actually, I’m trying to get my support group to click to their site… So please don’t get all legal-ization-al on me. But if I did something wrong, just message me and I’ll fix it pronto. I won’t even be mad at ya! xo [ + ] josh)