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Gay Pornographer Paul Morris Is Taking on Weinstein (Exclusive)


JOSH: What’s next for you? Any cool projects you want to give me the scoop on?

PAUL MORRIS:  I’m working on a number of new projects that I’m extremely excited about.  I’m talking with Joe Gage about a co-production, for example.  I’m also working on explicit theater works.  And I have several rather academic writing projects underway, one of which is a dry-as-bones analysis of the production processes—including editing—that are endemic to and have historically determined the enduring meanings of gay porn.

I also have some mind-bending porn projects lined up featuring hordes of truly astonishing men.  And that, of course, is my deepest passion.

But before I throw myself wholeheartedly into any of those I’m putting everything I’ve got toward defeating Prop 60.  And certainly part of defeating Prop 60 is striking back and striking hard at the corporation that has gotten away with a history of irrational attacks on porn, including broad, inaccurate and legally libelous depictions of the industry, the community and every individual within that community. One doesn’t perpetrate a history of slanderous attacks like this, causing massive income loss and emotional and physical hardship industry-wide, without incurring serious and enduring repercussions.  We are going to hit back.  They have hell to pay—and trust me: they will pay till it hurts.

“They have hell to pay—and trust me: they will pay till it hurts.” – Paul Morris



Thanks, Paul, for the answers and sharing very detailed responses to my questions.

Full disclosure: I have spoken out against Prop 60. I do not support Prop 60. And I think it’s a crazy thing that I’ve been told that Weinstein hasn’t ever been to a adult porn set– but wants to regulate it. Weird to me… 

What do you think? What should I have asked? And do you agree with him?

What do you think?

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