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Digital Encouragement Wall Returns

The Resource for Encouragement for Those Living with HIV returns with a stronger ability to give encouragement and grace!

Imstilljosh.com’s Digital Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV has returned to imstilljosh.com after coming down from the HIV BLOG a few weeks ago as the plug-in that powers the section that is providing encouragement to those living with HIV underwent a major facelift (and re-facelift after initial issues with their major wide release.)

“I’m thrilled to have the wall back up and looking better and cleaner than ever,” says Josh Robbins, HIV-positive blogger and activist of imstilljosh.com. “This wall is for those that are living with HIV and find themselves at a moment of self-weakness and for whatever reason are just down in spirit–either from the stigma surround a virus or because of complications from the decision to disclose to a personal medical condition to someone less educated about the viability of an HIV-positive person’s value and abilities. ┬áThis area of my blog is my favorite because it provides the truth–never spun, but speaking life to those living with a virus that can be controlled with medication, maintaining treatment and the best grace and love they find from a true support circle.”

DIGITAL Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV
DIGITAL Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV

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