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Canary Security Camera Review

Review of new and popular security camera device, Canary, by Josh Robbins.

CANARY: Smart Home (or office) Security for Everyone!

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Learn more about this product: http://goo.gl/iW7BtR

One of the best things about this product is the sleek design. I’m a huge fan of Apple product packaging and design and this product really fit well in my environment of similar products.

The product requires a subscription that is reasonable and reliable. More information is available: http://goo.gl/iW7BtR.

I had minor, but expected issues, however. Those included overly sensitive phone notifications of movement in the room. (It usually was just a car turning into the area.) But, the alarm function set off remotely, if desired, was a cool added feature.

Canary Security Device

Overall, I loved the device, but wish the notification system wasn’t as sensitive. (Later, I learned there was a setting to help with those overly notifications.)

Disclosure: I received this product as a test only during the review. I returned the device after the review. This was set up as a result of my participation in a new startup: http://sproutup.co.

Simple, easy and reliable security in a box
89 100
Canary Security Camera Review Canary is a unique security device-- that offers a free app to remote view the actual live camera with audio, the history of the device, and unique features like the temperature, humidity and air quality of the room and has smart functions including arming and disarming using your smartphone's location and a great video and alarm.
Affordability 75
Reliability 92
Usability 89
Design 100