Canary Security Camera Review


Review of new and popular security camera device, Canary, by Josh Robbins.

CANARY: Smart Home (or office) Security for Everyone!

Please note: Products and Services may not be HIV-related, however, they are products/services that Josh Robbins wishes to share with this readership. 

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One of the best things about this product is the sleek design. I’m a huge fan of Apple product packaging and design and this product really fit well in my environment of similar products.

The product requires a subscription that is reasonable and reliable. More information is available:

I had minor, but expected issues, however. Those included overly sensitive phone notifications of movement in the room. (It usually was just a car turning into the area.) But, the alarm function set off remotely, if desired, was a cool added feature.

Canary Security Device

Overall, I loved the device, but wish the notification system wasn’t as sensitive. (Later, I learned there was a setting to help with those overly notifications.)

Disclosure: I received this product as a test only during the review. I returned the device after the review. This was set up as a result of my participation in a new startup:

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