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5 Facts You Must Know About HIV (Video)

HIV has changed. At least what we know about the virus has changed in the past 30 years–this video will help keep you in the know about the state of the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

World AIDS Day is December 1st and I wanted to share my annual video on social media. This year, instead of solely focusing my message on those living with HIV and AIDS, I use the opportunity to talk prevention and stigma reduction by those that are not living with HIV.

“Sex with someone undetectable is anything…but risky.” – Josh Robbins

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  1. Kaylen Sears

    Why do people not tell their panther that they have HIV? Is it fear or do they feel embarrassed about having HIV?

    • Josh Robbins

      Why do you think that we aren’t disclosing? Research suggests that we actually over state our viralness out of exteme caution… why do you think people don’t get tested and they are okay exposing people unknowingly? That gets me?

      (in reply to Kaylen Sears)

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