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15 Long Term Survivors Want You To Listen To Them #HLTSAD2017


In honor of Long Term Survivors Awareness Day, June 5th, I asked 15 individuals to share a piece of advice to the test of us living with HIV.

I have been so blessed to have met so many amazing people that have been living with HIV for more than 15+ years. Their experiences have paved a way to an easier journey living with the virus.

HIV Long Term Survivors Awareness Day


National HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivor Awareness Day

HIV long Term Survivors Awareness Day

First, thank you to all those that submitted messages to be shared. We have so much respect and honor for your experiences and wisdom. But even more support is always needed. I commit to giving that more, as needed.

Also, here’s one more very special quote card from someone I deeply respect, Sean McKenna…

Sean McKenna

Finally, to learn more about this amazing Long Term Survivors Awareness Day, please visit http://hltsad.org. 

You may find it easier to read the cards in the form of a sliding image slider. The 15 quotes can be saved to your device or desktop by selecting the images above and clicking “save as.” Just remember to post the link to this article if you a specific quote that speaks the most to you.

⭐️#HIVResilient #HLTSAD2017 #LongTermSurvivors

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  1. Cornelius Mabin

    I have never been a victim of HIV but rather an individual who learned to stand in my truth, own my destiny, believe that I am worthy to be loved and let my own God given light shine and shine and shine and shine!

  2. Connie Rose

    Awesome! Except I’m 21 years LTS not 11. Easy mistake it could very well have been my mistake when typing it in.

    Thank you for thinking of LTS. You’re the sweetness.

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