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World AIDS Day 2018 Theme Materials

Additional free social media designs and theme for World AIDS Day 2018

In 2018, World AIDS Day will be on Saturday December 1st. There are a variety of themes this year.

World AIDS Day was first recognized in 1988 and is an international awareness day raising global awareness of the HIV & AIDS pandemic. In the early years, it included mourning of those lost to the condition, and has turned to a celebration of their lives while keeping the conversation about HIV and AIDS relevant.

There are several different bodies that attempt to give the global awareness a theme each year.

However, I always generally like to make my own World AIDS Day social media collateral. If you would like to use any of these, you can use free of charge for any purpose.

World AIDS Day 2018 Theme

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Here are a few of the designs included in the zip file… when you download the zip file, you can also add additional text or I created some designs without a generic theme.



Enjoy! Xo!

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