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[Video] Michael Johnson Victim Speaks Out (Part 1)

Chuck Pfoutz, alleged victim that contracted HIV from former college wrestler Michael Johnson,  speaks exclusively to imstilljosh.com about the trial, the Buzzfeed journalist who published his name, and life after the 30 year sentence given to Johnson.

In agreement for this interview, imstilljosh.com and Pfoutz agreed to only refrain from mentioning the names of the other alleged victims, as well as to share the link in promoting Pfoutz’s new book-  A Victim Speaks: My Side of the Story.

I have read the entire book, personally, that I purchased at full regular price, prior to our interview. This interview contains two parts.

Please note: I did receive his identification to confirm his identity. Many of the allegations that he makes in this interview are not confirmed independently. We are interviewing Pfoutz based on some of his own testimony and based on assertions made his book.  Pfoutz’s charge was the only count during the trial conviction that was found to be “not guilty.”

**Also, please note that I am avidly against the criminalization of HIV based on the abundance of solid research that does not support it. This interview was given to finally hear from someone that allegedly experienced the process of these laws unfolding. I thank Chuck Pfoutz for agreeing to an interview with me– someone well documented as being anti-HIV criminalization in any circumstance.   


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  1. Ellie Hicks


  2. Madrid St Angelo

    doing the very best I can NOT to shame this kid…so I’ll refrain from saying, he’s an IDIOT. I will also say, solid interview, solid questions, solid probing.

  3. Kari

    Ugh….I will agree with the previous statement and not try to shame this young man but holy crap. And for the record…most STI’s aren’t “visible”! My only other critique is that it is maddening to use the term “victim” in this instance, in my opinion. And while I can relate and understand to feeling like someone “took the choice away from you” I cannot see putting someone in prison for 30 years or in most cases even 30 minutes as a result.

  4. John

    Hmm .. I don’t even know where to start. I did my very best to watch the whole interview (I got to say josh did an amazing job and I don’t know if josh studied journalism, but you have a bright future) Super solid questions, josh didn’t let his bias in the way of the interview and just cross asked questions where this kid just ended up contradicting himself at some many levels that the whole thing is bizarre.

    First I got to say the lawyer in defense of this case got to be an idiot, I would have sat this kid on the stand and allow him to talk freely for 30 minutes to later bring expert matter opinion, shame him and destroy his testimony.


    So he doesn’t hook up, he just take it raw 3 times on the first “date”.

    Then he got himself infected, and allow me to say he shows the colors I believed he had from day one I read on this case across the interview. So then he is angry.

    So he has magical powers and X-ray vision so he can “see” std. He has the audacity to call himself educated.

    Half of the interview is ME ME .. Why didn’t you tell ME, why did you name ME. ME ME. Egocentric selfish nelly who does not says even once: it’s my fault, I should have used protection.

    So he discloses with no problem to the world but he felt like dying when his name was published on a open case, so everybody knows he is poz.

    I seriously don’t understand how my tax money is paying for his justice. His concept of justice is simple revenge from the mistakes he brought upon himself and up to this day he does not damn take responsibility for his stupid actions. Makes me angry.

    As a poz myself I can only say: he will never own his infection. He believes that by calling himself a victim he is somehow better or understood. I don’t want to be on his skin everyday of his life when he has to take his meds cause that’s the simple reminder of what it is: you are hiv positive and is nobody fault. In this case there is only one person to blame: yourself.

  5. Alistair

    Good points, but, If you’re aware of your HIV poz status and despite that you convince others to have unprotected sex, you are willingly to possible damage others health for life. Maybe the other person is wreckless, or maybe he just trusted, that’s not a reason to condone or rest any responsability of someone who is aware of his condition, it’s simply wrong. HIV is a very serious matter, I’m HIV poz too, and I don’t want anyone else to live tru this. HIV changes someone for the rest of their lives mostly in a negative way, we must care for others if we want to try to end this disease and if we want equality and better understanding.

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