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    Nashville HIV PrEP Meeting

    Are you PrEPared, Nashville? Get answers Monday, November 18 at OutCentral in Nashville, TN. [box style=”red, info, rounded” ]This article first appeared on Out & About Nashville‘s website and is used by permission as an on-going relationship between O&AN and ISJ.[/box] By: O&AN Staff Reports (used with permission) A group of community health advocates have […] More

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    Epidemics of America (Infographic)

    Fantastic infographic that is shareable about epidemics of America that was recently shared with me and I wanted to pass this along!  I love these new, shareable social tools… great stuff! Thanks to these guys for bringing this cool tool to my attention! An infographic by the team at Online Masters In Public Health Epidemics […] More

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    Is This a Bombshell Dropping on HIV Prevention Strategies?

      Is it possible that our current HIV prevention strategies and the essence of HIV prevention awareness is now ineffective? Instead of rattling off a number of statistics that are now less startling and news-worthy about the current state of the HIV epidemic (like the number of new infections per year, the likelihood that someone […] More

  • Open Letter on PrEP
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    ISJ Announces OPEN LETTER on PrEP from HIV Influencers

    HIV-positive activist and founder of HIV blog, Josh Robbins, announces the publishing of an OPEN LETTER on PrEP, signed and endorsed by HIV/AIDS Activists, Philanthropists, HIV Service Organizations (Nationally & Internationally), community members and HIV-negative PrEP users. To read & sign the letter supporting the importance of private individual dialogue between a patient and […] More

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    Clearing HIV/AIDS & Life’s Hurdles R⁴ Style

    Guest Post — Rob Quinn from   [box_light]It’s always an honor for me to be able to have the opportunity for others to share their stories, insight and lessons from their journey living with HIV.  This guest post is another example of that opportunity and blessing.  Enjoy! – Josh Robbins,[/box_light] Hi, my name […] More

  • Ask Anything About HIV by Josh Robbins

    Ask Anything: Living With HIV (MTV Voices)

    This post original was written for and posted by MTV VOICES by Josh Robbins, of   “HIV – three letters that can make people react in massively different ways. When it was first discovered it was considered untreatable, but now people with HIV can live normal and healthy lives. Sadly, the stigma surrounding it hasn’t […] More

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    What IF I was HIV-neg Again? (Satire)

    “It’s a Positive Viral Load” Those words have been engrained in my memory since they were spoken by an amazing, caring and empathetic medical professional in Nashville, of course heard around the world in my video post here. POSITIVE… positive… poz.. In the one year and seven months that I have been living with HIV […] More

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    A DAY WITH HIV 2013 co-sponsored by ISJ

    For the fourth year, A Day with HIVwill help fight the stigma of HIV and advance a community of caring through this collective photographic portrait. PROUDLY CO-SPONSORED BY:  On one day, Saturday, September 21, people everywhere, both HIV-positive and negative, will join in the fight against HIV. Positively Aware is asking people to take a digital photograph on […] More

  • names to the 2013 ISJ Faves list
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    Josh Robbins reviews I have to admit that even though I am HIV-positive, and have been run through tons of HIV tests, needle pricks and oral swabs in my day (I’m 30!), I still get a bit nervous about actually going in to get an STD test.  So, I contacted the amazingly friendly marketing […] More

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