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  • AJ from Nashville

    AJ’s Story (New Activist)

    Newly Diagnosed, Recently Encouraged, Now an Activist Ya know, feel good messages, well… feel good.  To an extent.  We all get burned out on them and burned out on the warm, fuzzy feelings that they put us through particularly during the obnoxiously long holiday period that seem to start in the summer months, lately.  So, […] More

  • Open Letter on PrEP
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    ISJ Announces OPEN LETTER on PrEP from HIV Influencers

    HIV-positive activist and founder of HIV blog, Josh Robbins, announces the publishing of an OPEN LETTER on PrEP, signed and endorsed by HIV/AIDS Activists, Philanthropists, HIV Service Organizations (Nationally & Internationally), community members and HIV-negative PrEP users. To read & sign the letter supporting the importance of private individual dialogue between a patient and […] More

  • Rob Quinn from Openly Poz
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    Clearing HIV/AIDS & Life’s Hurdles R⁴ Style

    Guest Post — Rob Quinn from   [box_light]It’s always an honor for me to be able to have the opportunity for others to share their stories, insight and lessons from their journey living with HIV.  This guest post is another example of that opportunity and blessing.  Enjoy! – Josh Robbins,[/box_light] Hi, my name […] More

  • Living With HIV Blog



    Social Security Disability & HIV

    Applying for Social Security Disability with HIV   [box_info]From time to time, I recognize that informative articles like this guest post by Ram Meyyappan with Social Security Disability Help may deviate from my standard format, however, I agreed to allow this specific article, as some of us may need this information at some point. [/box_info]   […] More

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    A DAY WITH HIV 2013 co-sponsored by ISJ

    For the fourth year, A Day with HIVwill help fight the stigma of HIV and advance a community of caring through this collective photographic portrait. PROUDLY CO-SPONSORED BY:  On one day, Saturday, September 21, people everywhere, both HIV-positive and negative, will join in the fight against HIV. Positively Aware is asking people to take a digital photograph on […] More

  • names to the 2013 ISJ Faves list
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    Josh Robbins reviews I have to admit that even though I am HIV-positive, and have been run through tons of HIV tests, needle pricks and oral swabs in my day (I’m 30!), I still get a bit nervous about actually going in to get an STD test.  So, I contacted the amazingly friendly marketing […] More

  • Dr. Kang
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    DR Kang’s Team Makes HIV Vaccine Breakthrough – NEWS

    [quote]“There have been four major human clinical trials of candidate HIV/SIDS vaccines in the last 10 years,”Dr. Chil-Yong Kang says in a statement given  to “These include a surface protein-based vaccine (AIDSVAX by VaxGen), a recombinant Human Adenovirus Type 5-based vaccine (STEP trial by Merck), a recombinant canary poxvirus based vaccine (RV144 trial by […] More

  • SAN interviews Josh Robbins
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    Stigma Action Network Interviews Josh Robbins

    STIGMA ACTION NETWORK:  An Interview with “Stigma Warrior,” Josh, from [box_dark]Content originally posted on the Stigma Action Network’s Blog on June 27, 2013.  Note from Josh:  SAN is one of my favorite organizations and a dear social media friend organization– they always tweet and retweet, share and love on all my posts.  I give […] More

  • HIV Blog Josh Robbins adds video to You've Got This
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    “You’ve Got This” HIV video project launches with as a contributor

    HIV BLOG lends our voice and joins’s video project “You’ve Got This”   Many people who are faced with a recent diagnosis of HIV feel completely alone. This initiative is meant to provide them with some hope and a feeling of community. There are over two million people recently diagnosed with HIV worldwide. […] More

  • DIGITAL Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV
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    Digital Encouragement Wall Returns

    The Resource for Encouragement for Those Living with HIV returns with a stronger ability to give encouragement and grace!’s Digital Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV has returned to after coming down from the HIV BLOG a few weeks ago as the plug-in that powers the section that is providing encouragement to […] More

  • ISJ Faves List adds HIV Awareness App
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    New HIV Awareness APP Named to ISJ Faves List

    CAREXO Releases PlaySafe App via iTunes App Store Congratulations to one of my favorite organizations, CAREXO, on the release of their PlaySafe App today! [box_dark]DESCRIPTION:  A membership and the PlaySafe™ app provide you with an innovative way to stay aware of your STD health AND share your 3rd party verified STD status with anyone […] More

  • Josh's Daily Vitamins
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    This is my Vitamin Swag

    What is my Vitamin Regimen? Simple, yet effective for me. Here’s my daily vitamin regimen since I am living with HIV. [pluslist] DAILY VITAMIN REGIMEN by ISJ D3-5000 Fish Oil Centrum Daily Vitamin Fiber Well Gummies B-Complex[/pluslist]   [box_warning]I am not a doc! So before you take my word on any of this, please consult […] More

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