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  • Screen Shot of HIV PSA

    Pinocchio Has HIV? What’s up with his face? (NSFW)

    A French HIV Awareness ad, and also released via youtube, features a grown-up Pinocchio (known as “Woody”) and features a one-night stand that ends with a bit of statistics. [box style=”red, warning, shadow” ]WARNING: This has no nudity, but it might not be appropriate for work– thus the NSFW warning. [/box] Watch it here: Does this […] More

  • SAN interviews Josh Robbins
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    Stigma Action Network Interviews Josh Robbins

    STIGMA ACTION NETWORK:  An Interview with “Stigma Warrior,” Josh, from [box_dark]Content originally posted on the Stigma Action Network’s Blog on June 27, 2013.  Note from Josh:  SAN is one of my favorite organizations and a dear social media friend organization– they always tweet and retweet, share and love on all my posts.  I give […] More

  • DIGITAL Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV
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    Digital Encouragement Wall Returns

    The Resource for Encouragement for Those Living with HIV returns with a stronger ability to give encouragement and grace!’s Digital Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV has returned to after coming down from the HIV BLOG a few weeks ago as the plug-in that powers the section that is providing encouragement to […] More

  • Out and About Newspaper Article on HIV positive Activist Blogger Josh Robbins from Nashville
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    My First Year Being HIV Positive: Compassion + Grace

    Thanks to Jessica Gibson, a generous writer, for OUT & ABOUT Newspaper in Nashville, TN for taking the opportunity to follow-up on me, about my first year living with HIV.  The title “Compassion + Grace” couldn’t have been a better choice from my perspective.  Also, thank you Jerry Jones for the consideration and publish.  Click […] More

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    DUDE That Exposed Me to HIV (Part 2)

    In this finale of the two-part series “Dude That Exposed Me to HIV Speaks” – I, humbly, feature the thoughts and feelings of the guy that unknowingly exposed me to HIV on December 18, 2011. [ REVISED ] Originally, the second part was released and available exclusively on, and I can’t thank them enough […] More

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    To Be Continued…

    WHAT IF?  What if… I didn’t have those extra drinks that night at the bar? What if… I didn’t decide to go home with a cutie from the club? What if… I didn’t allow myself, even briefly, to have unprotected sex? What if… I didn’t get sick, which ultimately led me to my diagnosis? What […] More

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