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  • Screen Shot of HIV PSA

    Pinocchio Has HIV? What’s up with his face? (NSFW)

    A French HIV Awareness ad, and also released via youtube, features a grown-up Pinocchio (known as “Woody”) and features a one-night stand that ends with a bit of statistics. [box style=”red, warning, shadow” ]WARNING: This has no nudity, but it might not be appropriate for work– thus the NSFW warning. [/box] Watch it here: Does this […] More

  • Ask Anything About HIV by Josh Robbins

    Ask Anything: Living With HIV (MTV Voices)

    This post original was written for and posted by MTV VOICES by Josh Robbins, of   “HIV – three letters that can make people react in massively different ways. When it was first discovered it was considered untreatable, but now people with HIV can live normal and healthy lives. Sadly, the stigma surrounding it hasn’t […] More

  • SAN interviews Josh Robbins
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    Stigma Action Network Interviews Josh Robbins

    STIGMA ACTION NETWORK:  An Interview with “Stigma Warrior,” Josh, from [box_dark]Content originally posted on the Stigma Action Network’s Blog on June 27, 2013.  Note from Josh:  SAN is one of my favorite organizations and a dear social media friend organization– they always tweet and retweet, share and love on all my posts.  I give […] More

  • HIV Blog Josh Robbins adds video to You've Got This
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    “You’ve Got This” HIV video project launches with as a contributor

    HIV BLOG lends our voice and joins’s video project “You’ve Got This”   Many people who are faced with a recent diagnosis of HIV feel completely alone. This initiative is meant to provide them with some hope and a feeling of community. There are over two million people recently diagnosed with HIV worldwide. […] More

  • DIGITAL Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV
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    Digital Encouragement Wall Returns

    The Resource for Encouragement for Those Living with HIV returns with a stronger ability to give encouragement and grace!’s Digital Encouragement Wall for Those Living with HIV has returned to after coming down from the HIV BLOG a few weeks ago as the plug-in that powers the section that is providing encouragement to […] More

  • Why I AM an HIV Activist
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    why do this

    WHY DO THIS? [pullquote_left]Because[/pullquote_left] I released a video on YouTube (the first ever actually, I later discovered), of me being told (recorded live) that I was HIV-positive by a doctor, I have be blessed to have been followed/friended/liked/page viewed by literally thousands; and hundreds of those have personally engaged me with their amazing, sometimes terrible, […] More

  • Mark Hubbard
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    Community Activist Speaks About Changing Approaches to HIV/AIDS

    ‘HIV Horizons: A Community-Focused Research Update’ May 22 at OutCentral Having lived with HIV for 26 years, Mark Hubbard has dedicated himself to working with numerous Tennessee, U.S., and international organizations as a community educator and advocate. First Posted on O&AN April 29, 2013 –  O&AN Staff Reports Having lived with HIV for 26 years, […] More

  • ROCKSTAR Event by

    Cast Members of Oscar Nominated Documentary “How to Survive a Plague” to Attend Special APLA Screening

    Cast Members of Oscar®-Nominated Documentary “How to Survive a Plague” to Attend Special APLA ScreeningSpecial “One City One Pride” event to feature historical archives, film screening, and panel discussion [quote][dropcap]YO![/dropcap] “Missing this event is like missing your momma’s birthday! – Josh Robbins”[/quote]   This event is named an: “I’m Still Josh” ROCKST*R event BES[+] BET  ◊◊◊◊◊ Peter Staley and Garance […] More

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