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  • 45 HIV Words to Know INFOGRAPHIC


    Knowing the terms and other useful lingo used in the HIV community is important. Learn the terms, refresh yourself on the terms, or be confident you are educated on the terms used in HIV awareness.  This amazing interactive info graphic is from   More

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    #HIVhonors LIVE BLOG

    Welcome to the LIVE BLOG of the 2013 HEALTHLINE HIV Influencers HONORS — a 12-hour promotion, by to honor the top influencers and organizations in the #HIV awareness community.  Use hashtag: #HIVhonors  Learn more by visiting: More

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    HIV Through the Years– A Look at HIV Campaigns

    Pretty cool look at HIV Campaigns through the years, by -josh Check it out: Since the discovery of HIV AIDS in the early 1980s, medical organizations have launched outreach campaigns in an effort to educate the public about the disease and how to prevent it. View posters over time. More

  • HIV Blog Josh Robbins adds video to You've Got This
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    “You’ve Got This” HIV video project launches with as a contributor

    HIV BLOG lends our voice and joins’s video project “You’ve Got This”   Many people who are faced with a recent diagnosis of HIV feel completely alone. This initiative is meant to provide them with some hope and a feeling of community. There are over two million people recently diagnosed with HIV worldwide. […] More