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Are you newly diagnosed and feeling lost, feeling overwhelmed, scared, nervous and completely overwhelmed?

Are you just now thinking: I have HIV and I just need ANSWERS ?!?!


You have come to the right place… I’m Josh Robbins and although I am not a doctor or therapist, I understand exactly how you feel. I’ve been there and you probably found this page after you have spent hours searching online for anything–everything that will give you hope, that will finally “ANSWER the simple HIV questions” that you want and you need… I understand how you feel because I was searching online just like you have been just a couple years ago.

So let’s dig in and hopefully my experience with HIV will help answer your questions after recently being diagnosed with HIV. And after checking out this page, email me if you have more questions, and I will respond.


Remember, my answers to the HIV questions below are just my opinion– and I’m just an HIV blogger… I am not a doctor, nor a lawyer, nor a charity, nor am I qualified to treat or offer medical advice. These answers to the following HIV questions are based on my personal experience living with HIV and they may or may not work for you. Please contact a hospital or call 911 if you are having an emergency. I offer support for the newly diagnosed with HIV by providing my answers to these questions from my experience living HIV-positive.


QUESTIONS about HIV – ANSWERS from Josh Robbins, blogger for

Am I going to die from HIV?
No! Well, probably not, but I contacted a doctor immediately (like days) after learning of my diagnosis.

Do I need an HIV doctor?
Yes! I found a doctor by asking my local HIV nonprofit for a recommendation. They also helped me deal with my insurance (and assisted me with all my insurance questions).

Do I need to start taking HIV drugs?
HIV medications are allowing many with HIV to live well and a long time. I am thankful for the current meds on the market and the side effects aren’t what they used to be. I’m looking forward to living a long time because of advances in HIV meds!

Who do I call?
I called my local HIV service organization with 24-hours of finding out I had HIV.

Who should I tell?
I chose to tell my family ASAP, but I know people who haven’t told their families or friends yet too. It’s a choice that I made to disclose but I understand it’s a big decision and I only told people that I was absolutely sure I was ready to tell!

Who should I not disclose my HIV status to yet?
I didn’t tell anybody I didn’t want to know or that I wasn’t comfortable telling. If I questioned whether I should tell someone, I waited to tell them. I did, however, know that if I chose to have sex again, that I would have to tell them prior to sex. The HIV laws are tough on that where I live.

Why am I scared of being HIV-positive?
I was scared because I wasn’t informed and knowledgeable about how to succeed with living well with HIV. Once I got answers and help, I was better mentally. I also got a therapist.

Why do I feel like I will never find love now that I am HIV Poz?
I was scared of never having sex again, never falling in love, never being loved or accepted. After two years, I can tell you– I have had sex again, I have found a partner that I love and that loves me.

What HIV medication should I start taking?
This decision for me was personal and very important– and I talked with my doctor about it. I realized starting meds was important and should happen quickly — when we felt I should begin treatment. My doctor is awesome!

What websites should I start reading?
I read,,, and among many others!

Is HIV real? I am reading tons of stuff online that says it is not. 
Yes. I think some of those people are really talented at making great stories. I don’t believe their factually wrong ideals.

Who can I trust?
This is a personal question that I had to answer for myself.

Where do I find an HIV doctor?
I asked my local HIV service organization and they offered me some great resource.

Is there a cure for HIV coming out soon?
I hope so! But until, I am living so well already, tho!

Should I wait for answer from you before I contact a local HIV service organization? 
I didn’t wait on anybody before I called my local HIV service organization. I wanted to take control of my HIV health!

What other answers about HIV are you looking for online? This page will continue to be updated, as I hear from people like you!