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How HIV Affects The Body (Graphic)

HIV is just a virus. But it affects the human body in many ways.

It is amazing and alarming, depending on your view, of how HIV affects the human body.

My friends at Healthline.com recently published this fantastic graphic to share the 24 different ways that HIV affects those that are positive.



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  1. Lee Keels

    Hardly any of this applies when HIV is treated.

    • Ntrinsic

      Not true! Consider the side effects of medications.

      (in reply to Lee Keels)
      • Lee Keels

        I have none. Most current medications have none. You need to do your research.

        (in reply to Ntrinsic)
        • Steven Phillips

          Most interesting fact about HIV… everyone’s journey is different. Medications that serve one individual well may not have the same effect for the next person. No medication is forever and the next one may be effective, or not. May have side effects, or not.

          With 30 years plus experience I suggest that you know your status and do what you can to be healthy and happy. Medications all have long term effects on your body. The new meds are less intrusive and have less side effects for now but the effect on your mind organs muscle etc may come later. Everyone’s journey is different. Best defense is to eat right, exercise and remain positive.

          (in reply to Lee Keels)
    • David MacKinnon

      I don’t know if I’d go with medication side effects, but it seems even with an undetectable viral load HIV+ people are more susceptible to, and are less likely to clear without antibiotics, some bacterial infections (eg shigella)

      Also HIV medications don’t cross the blood/brain barrier, and its known that hiv can actually start to replicate independently in the CNS. There it can cause swelling and hiv related dementia. It also means it’s also a potentional viral reservoir for the virus (crossing back to the blood stream), and a potential source of drug resistant mutations.

      Mostly I try not to think about all that too much 😛

      (in reply to Lee Keels)
      • Lee Keels

        No, we are not more susceptible to infections with an undetectable viral load. The important number is your CD4 helper %…if that’s normal, you’re NO different than a person with a normal immune system. Do your research.

        (in reply to David MacKinnon)
  2. Bart

    Wow. It’s amazing one disease can affect everything. What’s more amazing is that with PrEP we can effectively prevent the transmission of this horrible disease. We need to get the word out #ENDHIV.

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