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Gay Pornographer Paul Morris Is Taking on Weinstein (Exclusive)

Treasure Island Media owner usually stays clear of media interviews but when asked about Weinstein, porn and HIV fears, and Prop 60–he will not shut up.

+ Since launching imstilljosh.com, I have attempted to get the opinion and voice of Treasure Island Media‘s Paul Morris on the record. I have emailed him and typically received replies until it was time to go on the record and be interviewed–and then he vanished. I would tweet him and randomly get favorited and retweeted by the dude. But again, when I wanted to ask questions for a post, Morris would be weirdly non-responsive.

I do not know whether to thank Michael Weinstein, the force behind the pro-condom/anti-performer self-regulation ballot measure in California–Prop 60–that has Paul Morris butthurt, or like every other activist almost in the HIV space–if I should just give Weinstein the bird. I haven’t ever met Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. I would like to speak with him, actually. But although AHF’s media team would always send me their news releases for coverage (both good pitches on great work AHF is doing across the globe and strong pitches filled with propaganda that was at times laughable) every time I would bring up the topic of Weinstein being interviewed by me, the same team of Weinstein’s handlers would ignore my request for an interview. It’s a shame, right??? Once again, I’m extending that offer.

“The sole common thread is that this man has undercut them, stabbed them in the back, and served his own peculiar agenda regardless of the consequences for anyone else in the community.”  – Paul Morris on Michael Weinstein

Back to Paul Morris.

The following interview was conducted over email–at Paul’s request and my agreement. He did also request to review a draft of this article before I post it– I denied that request by ignoring it.

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  1. dewayneinsd

    Josh this is a very good compelling interview with Paul Morris a man who NEVER does interviews! Well you got him on the record and when a friend sent me this link my first response was a visceral “Hell no Paul Morris?” Then I read it and I cant find fault. The insights into Michael Weinstein meshes with everything I have read or heard about the man. He is the ultimate self hating Queer!

    “hose heterosexuals who more liberally support us, their natural
    inclination is to effort toward simplifying or domesticating us,
    corralling us into behaviors that they can more easily understand and
    support” Domestication turn us into White Picket Fence Middle class Queers oh yes I get that!

    • Seaguy

      I agree great interview, it shows how Trump like Weinstein is and that is scary!

      (in reply to dewayneinsd)
      • Hudson

        I did work for Paul Morris, in SAN Francisco! I’m on the movie Latin Load 1 . I felt very safe and protected while I was on the set and filming

        (in reply to Seaguy)
        • Seaguy

          The way some of the condom nazi’s talk you’d think that the bottoms were forced to do the scene by bewing held at gun point or something. They just cannot fathom that some men are adults who are willingly doining scenes for TIM cause that is the way they like to fuck in real life, so they want to do porn that is as hot and authentic as real life. Care to share how to spot you in that vid?

          (in reply to Hudson)
        • Josh Robbins

          Thanks for the comment. Would love to chat sometime. I’m @imstilljosh on twitter…

          (in reply to Hudson)
    • Josh Robbins

      He’s very forthcoming in this interview and I believe this interview will be admired much more later in life.

      (in reply to dewayneinsd)
  2. Seaguy

    Good because Michael Weinstein is a pathetic lying man who has some sort of vendetta against the porn industry, and he is wasting millions trying to make condoms mandatory in CA, which will save no one. The money would be better spent on educating, research, and trying to find a cure.

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