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Keep Living is the section of that gives tips on how to continue to live normally and functionally as HIV-positive

Does Pot Slow the Spread of HIV

Apparently it does in monkeys. But why won’t the government let scientists find out how weed can help people? Some members of Congress want action. People with HIV have talked about the merits of smoking weed for years. But now there’s some evidence to suggest cannibinoids may actually...

Did McConaughey Diss HIV Community at Golden Globes?

Missing the opportunity to raise HIV awareness, Matthew McConaughey’s Golden Globe acceptance speech leaves many HIV activists speechless.  It was the ultimate ‘McConaughey DISS.’ The Golden Globes were full of missed opportunities and awkward moments. Just read Perez Hilton’s Twitter feed. And yes, he’s still around. And yes, it...

HIV Survival Story: Josh Robbins

Danielle Scott, a journalist with interviews me about my journey living with HIV, and asks me to share some of the more difficult moments that I’ve personally experienced living with this virus publicly. This interview is very personal to me, as I shared details that I’ve yet...


Knowing the terms and other useful lingo used in the HIV community is important. Learn the terms, refresh yourself on the terms, or be confident you are educated on the terms used in HIV awareness.  This amazing interactive info graphic is from