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  • holiday-blues-depression

    Being Positive and Beating Holiday Blues

    The holidays are often painted as a pretty picture from advertisers and sometimes anything other than smiles covered in the foam from a cup of hot chocolate is just being a Scrooge. Here are tips on being positive and cheating the holiday blues this year. For me, personally, the holidays is an amazing and yet, […] More

  • Weed for HIV Positive People


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    Does Pot Slow the Spread of HIV

    Apparently it does in monkeys. But why won’t the government let scientists find out how weed can help people? Some members of Congress want action. People with HIV have talked about the merits of smoking weed for years. But now there’s some evidence to suggest cannibinoids may actually slow the progression of simian immunodeficiency virus […] More

  • Dallas Buyer Club Disses HIV

    Did McConaughey Diss HIV Community at Golden Globes?

    Missing the opportunity to raise HIV awareness, Matthew McConaughey’s Golden Globe acceptance speech leaves many HIV activists speechless.  It was the ultimate ‘McConaughey DISS.’ The Golden Globes were full of missed opportunities and awkward moments. Just read Perez Hilton’s Twitter feed. And yes, he’s still around. And yes, it was actually clever. And yes, I like […] More

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