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  • Unsure/Positive
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    Watch: Message from Creator of UNSURE/POSITIVE

    Christian Kiley, one of the creators of UNSURE/POSITIVE, needs your help and is very onboard with project! [themify_box style=”Yellow announcement rounded” ] DONATE TODAY — Make this series a reality! [/themify_box] Here’s a message from Christian, especially for us! [themify_box style=”Yellow announcement rounded” ] DONATE TODAY — Make this series a reality! [/themify_box]   Here’s a sneak […] More

  • Screen Shot of HIV PSA

    Pinocchio Has HIV? What’s up with his face? (NSFW)

    A French HIV Awareness ad, and also released via youtube, features a grown-up Pinocchio (known as “Woody”) and features a one-night stand that ends with a bit of statistics. [box style=”red, warning, shadow” ]WARNING: This has no nudity, but it might not be appropriate for work– thus the NSFW warning. [/box] Watch it here: Does this […] More

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    MTV Blogs About HIV

    MTV Blogs dual-release ASK Anything: Living with HIV blog by imstilljosh blogger Click here to read the original posts on the MTV sites: MTV Voices MTV Staying Alive Foundation “MTV and Viacom have a unique and amazing commitment to bringing awareness to the global epidemic, HIV. Having the chance to be a featured guest blogger […] More

  • Stopping the Deadliest Epidemic
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    Stopping the Deadliest Epidemic: Stigma

    Guest blogger, Kirsty Sievwright with the Stigma Action Network, shares with, that we are literally in the biggest epidemic in the global quest to end HIV– but the epidemic is not the virus, itself.  It is stigma! Ladies and gentlemen –we are in the midst of a global epidemic, more terrifying and destructive than anything […] More

  • Mark Hubbard
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    HIV/AIDS Cure: When and What?

    Nashville resident, Mark Hubbard, among activists and researchers featured in a new video First Posted on O&AN July 3, 2013 – O&AN Staff Reports Following today’s released reports that two men have been “showing no signs of [the HIV] virus” following stem-cell transplants, we found a video filmed at a Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) pre-conference. Posted by […] More

  • Why I AM an HIV Activist
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    why do this

    WHY DO THIS? [pullquote_left]Because[/pullquote_left] I released a video on YouTube (the first ever actually, I later discovered), of me being told (recorded live) that I was HIV-positive by a doctor, I have be blessed to have been followed/friended/liked/page viewed by literally thousands; and hundreds of those have personally engaged me with their amazing, sometimes terrible, […] More

  • Mark Hubbard
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    Community Activist Speaks About Changing Approaches to HIV/AIDS

    ‘HIV Horizons: A Community-Focused Research Update’ May 22 at OutCentral Having lived with HIV for 26 years, Mark Hubbard has dedicated himself to working with numerous Tennessee, U.S., and international organizations as a community educator and advocate. First Posted on O&AN April 29, 2013 –  O&AN Staff Reports Having lived with HIV for 26 years, […] More