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    #LetsKickAss HIV and AIDS Long-Term Survivors

    Lets Kick Ass, the grassroots organization and leaders for the brave and sometimes weathered long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS, launches national awareness day Updated, May 21, 2015: To continue to show our “LOVE 4 #HIV Longterm Survivors” please join me in donating our social media reach to make sure they all us hear us loudly and […] More

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    Painstaking Study: Tracing HIV in North America

    A recent study from researchers at SFU trace HIV in North America; how does this change the development of an effective HIV vaccine from the design level? According to a release on the Simon Frasier University website: A study tracing the evolution of HIV in North America involving researchers at Simon Fraser University has found […] More

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    Infographic: The Cost of HIV Care Around the World just published an amazing infographic comparing the differing costs of care for those living with HIV. Check out this amazing infographic from below: The Cost of HIV Care Around the World And for a deeper look in the cost of HIV care, read the full news article on by David Heitz: U.S. […] More

  • HIV and GAY APPS

    4 Ways Gay Hookup Sites Have Us Talking About Our HIV Status

    Imstilljosh asked health journalist David Heitz to explore what’s new regarding HIV and hookup apps. Here’s what he came up with. (Publisher note: hires health journalist, David Heitz, for  fact-based original reporting articles.  David Heitz’s articles regularly appear on health information website –, among other noted publications.) We’ve heard a lot lately from […] More

  • TOP Three HIV Crazies

    3 Crazies In The HIV World

    It would be insane NOT to realize how insane some of these items in the 3 Crazies In the HIV World list for 2014.  From a leader of the largest HIV organization to why one drug company is letting activists battle it out in the streets– it’s all covered in’s “3 Crazies In the […] More

  • New HIV Campaign "My Status Is Not A Secret"

    New HIV Campaign: My Status is Not A Secret

    Conversation-starting think tank behind “Knowing” and “Open” partner with top visual agency for new engagement platform and interview series by wanting everyone to say “my status is not a secret” The creative collective The Advisorie Group, the peeps behind “Knowing” and “Open“, never cease to get my happy-wheels turning easily.  But, this time, the championship […] More

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    Dude?!? You were reading our #HIV Tweets?

    UCLA researchers publish a study in peer-reviewed journal Preventive Medicine, reading 550 million tweets linking HIV, drug use with prevention and incidence rates. Ever feel like someone is watching you, or ‘all in your Kool Aid’ or even…– reading your every tweet in the new version of an old-school ‘Facebook-stalking’?  Well, YOU’ve been under an […] More

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    “OPEN” short film (NSFW) on HIV; So hot!

    Impulse Group and The Advisorie release new short film following up last years short, “Knowing” and keeps it NSFW hot! [ has an exclusive interview] Impulse Group and The Advisorie presents “Open”, an artistic and educational follow up to last year’s piece called “Knowing”.  The short further explores the nuance of a sexually active, sero-discordant couple during moments […] More

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