Breaking: (VIDEO) Martin Shkreli Announces Date Of Price Drop

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Announces to #HIVscoop Exclusively Timeframe for Drug Price Drop

When will the price drop of the drug Daraprim happen? That has been the question of national news outlets to Turing Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli since the internet firestorm surrounding a drug that his company effectively raised the price of to over $750/pill — $75,000 per bottle.

#BreakingNews: Daraprim’s Price to drop before Christmas, @MartinShkreli exclusively tells #HIVscoop & @imstilljosh

— Josh Robbins (@imstilljosh) October 31, 2015

Josh Robbins is an HIV positive activist, patient advocate and requested an interview with Shkreli via social media. “I simply sent him a DM on Twitter and asked him if I could interview him. He said, ‘sure’ and we set it up.” Robbins also hosts several podcasts and uses social media to increase awareness surrounding HIV. In one special newly launched social media series, #HIVscoop, he gets the pharma CEO to answer a handful of questions that mainstream media has so far failed to get Shkreli on record.

The entire hour-long video interview releases exclusively on on Monday.

Other questions include: