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  • #HIVBI Bisexual HIV Guide

    #HIVBI: Sure You’re Bi. Wink, Wink.

    Today, research suggests that bisexuals have higher rates of suicide, mental illness, and experience violent crimes even more often than gay people. Part 2 within the Bisexual HIV Guide by and David Heitz. More

  • Face HIV Skin Issues


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    How To Face HIV Skin Issues

    If you’ve got dandruff, pimples and peeling skin around your nose, join the club. Here’s why people with HIV develop this and why followers of Imstilljosh may be particularly susceptible.  By David Heitz.    Follow on Twitter and Facebook.   If “what’s your status” isn’t enough to remind you of your HIV disease, a big, […] More

  • HIV Stigma Issues for AIDS Patients
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    Blame HIV Stigma On Us All

    From the old guy still angry about his dead friends to the young twink who may be a little too ignorant for his own good, we all need to chill for a second and think about how others feel. More

  • HIV Positive Legislator's Bill Advances Tuesday Helping Disfigured Patients of old HIV Meds

    Breaking News: Bill sponsored by HIV-Positive Legislator Advances Tuesday to Help Those Disfigured by Dated HIV Meds

    Sponsored by former member of Massachusetts House, news comes as we celebrate HIV Long-Term Survivor’s Day Thursday updated 06/10/14 For people diagnosed with HIV in the 1980s, and even the 1990s, being alive today seems nothing short of a miracle. Many had been given months, even weeks, to live. A large number already had progressed […] More

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    FDA: Condoms Not Approved for Anal Sex

    It hasn’t been kept a secret, but nobody ever really asked.  Here’s what else you may not know. By David Heitz – Like this journalist on Facebook. Will a condom prevent you from getting HIV? Here are some things to consider: The FDA never has never “cleared or approved any condoms specifically for anal sex,” […] More

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