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Another “I’m HIV Positive” guy COMES OUT

We’ve all heard the saying “The Truth will Set You Free.”  In my journey (that’ll last my lifetime) of finding out that I was HIV positive, making the

Guadalupe, 26

decision to share with my closest friends and family members, and now eventually to sharing the experience on this blog, I feel much more free. With that said, I understand that maintaining the privacy of the disease is a personal decision and choice. I certainly wish that everyone that is positive makes the decision about disclosure carefully and intentionally. You have my support either way!

Today we have a treat… I never expected this blog “Imstilljosh.com” to become a place where Nashville guys share their stories. It really is true that HIV affects us all — even if we aren’t all infected. (family, friends, brothers and sisters, gay or straight…. you get the point!)

MEET Guadalupe, a 26 year male in Nashville that is HIV Positive. He is a strong, brave and healthy male living with HIV since 2010.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCpjCZK8XCU]Here is his story…

I’m super duper proud of GUADALUPE.

“I’m not trying to hide it” — Guadalupe regarding whether to disclose his HIV status.

I’m still Josh. You still be YOU!!!



My twitter: @imstilljosh  

Guadalupe’s twitter: @Life_PositiveGM

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  1. kentboyer

    Josh – this is awesome! You made a platform for other guys to share. Keep going forward bro.

  2. Jonathan Gittings

    I went to follow him on Twitter but it looks like he doesn’t use it anymore. I’ve followed anyway in the hope he comes back. Thanks for sharing.

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