A Cool HIV Toolkit

A Cool HIV Toolkit is a short list of top HIV apps, HIV-related services, and HIV/AIDS awareness products available to help those living with HIV lead more productive lives.



Created by Josh Robbins in 2014, ASK HIV is the first peer-to-peer modern-day HIV hotline on your iPhone where you can ask any question relating to HIV and a peer will respond. (FREE) ASK HIV was also included on Product Hunt and was based on the popular Ethanifier App created by Support Kit in Canada. (Free)
HIV Radio Minute with Josh Robbins podcast covers the weeks top HIV related news and videos. Available for the Podcast App on the iPhone. Also available on Soundcloud. (Free)
Award-winning HIV Video Minute with Josh Robbins video podcast is a weekly digital series cover the top HIV “buzz worthy news series” available on the Podcast App on your iPhone. The series is also available on HIV / AIDS on Youtube.
Newly released iOS disclosur+ app is co-created by nurx and Josh Robbins and helps those living with HIV prove they disclosed their HIV status prior to sexual contact and could prove helpful if someone is ever accused of criminal non-disclosure. This innovative app records a video and sends it to a secure third party server where it is stored for several years. ($4.99)


Digital coffee table style picture book, HIV Won’t Kill Me, is an encouragement ebook that shares some of Josh Robbins‘ most unique memes and image encouragement used early in his social media HIV activism. (Free)



LGBT | Transgender HIV Guide by Josh Robbins with reporting by David Heitz. (Free)


LGBT PrEP Guide for HIV Prevention was the first full resource about HIV prevention pill Truvada (PrEP) published by Josh Robbins with reporting by David Heitz.  It is also published on one of the first top-level domains for .hiv: This guide is also HON code accredited.


UNSURE/POSITIVE is a digital video series, associate produced by Josh Robbins, is a unique look into an HIV positive person’s life. The series is the vision and work of creator, Christian Kiley.

Filmmaker Joshua Alan Rogers launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance this short film that tells a very real HIV story, Pick Up. Currently making the rounds at film festivals nationwide, Josh Robbins is an associate producer on the film.

Despite These Marks is a play written by students Nicole WeerbrouckJosh Dorsheimer and Hal Matroni, that began life as a short devised play and was performed at the 2012-2013 Region
II Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. Josh Robbins was interviewed for this production and was created into a character using excerpts from that interview.